028, Marina Kim, Ashoka U | Every Campus a Changemaker

028, Marina Kim, Ashoka U | Every Campus a Changemaker

Colleges and Universities are complex cultures with deep thinkers and multiple stakeholders. Marina Kim, has had plenty of practice at working across complex cultural boundaries. She is the daughter of Korean and American parents. She was raised by a single mother. She spent her summers in Costa Rica, and then when she was 10 years old, she and her family moved to northern England. As an eighteen year old, she attended Stanford University in Palo Alto. All of these experiences prepared her perfectly for her current role as the co-founder of Ashoka U.

Ashoka U takes an institutional change approach to impact the education of millions of students. They accomplish this through three primary programs:

  • They have a Changemaker Campus designation where, through a rigorous 1-2 year selection process, they recognize colleges and universities that have embedded social innovation as a core value.
  • There is the Ashoka U Commons, where cohorts of institutions work together on specific building blocks of social innovation education.
  • They hold an annual conference called the Ashoka U Exchange.

Key quotes from the interview:

[spp-tweet tweet=”I feel extremely comfortable adapting to new contexts, new cultures and environments. @marinakim, @AshokaU”]

[spp-tweet tweet=”I feel right at home in many different places in the world. @marinakim, @AshokaU“]

[spp-tweet tweet=”Millennials are dedicated to success, but the metrics are different. @marinakim, @AshokaU“]

[spp-tweet tweet=”Millennials have a lower threshold for work that does not mean anything to them. @marinakim, @AshokaU“]

[spp-tweet tweet=”We believe that colleges and universities should be the place where people can find their potential to be a changemaker. @marinakim, @AshokaU“]

[spp-tweet tweet=”If you have the identity of a changemaker, you’ll take that with you for the rest of your life. @marinakim, @AshokaU“]

[spp-tweet tweet=”Lead with your super skill. @marinakim, @AshokaU“]

[spp-tweet tweet=”Are you better suited to be an entrepreneur or an intrepreneur? @marinakim, @AshokaU“]

[spp-tweet tweet=”Give yourself time. If you want to make big social impact…it takes time. @marinakim, @AshokaU“]


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