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podcast_channel_artwork.pngSocial Entrepreneur is a podcast for aspiring and early-stage social entrepreneurs, and for those who want to make an impact on the world. Three times per week we interview social entrepreneurs, founders, investors and thought leaders. We hear the stories that led them to becoming change makers. We talk about the grand challenges in the world and the solutions that they are creating. The guests give advice for early stage and aspiring social entrepreneurs. We always end each episode with a call to action. If you’re ready to change the world, join us.

Social Entrepreneur archives

325: An Umbrella Made from Ocean-Bound Plastic, with Deirdre Horan, Dri

324: Grants, Challenges, and Incubators (Oh My!) with Shubham Issar of SoaPen

323: Can Meta be a Force for Good? An Interview with Emily Dalton Smith

322: Dan Miller Goes Against the Grain

321: The Many Faces of Service, with Kate Glantz, Luma Legacy

320: Katherine Venturo-Conerly and Tom Osborn, Shamiri Institute

319: Kick Off, Season Four

318: A Traveler’s Guide To World Peace, with Aziz Abu Sarah, MEJDI Tours

317: Tap into the Strengths of Neurodiversity, with Isabella He

316: A Sense of Justice for Women and Girls, with Judith Martinez, InHerShoes

315: Eliminate Plastic from Your Oral Care, with Kathy Ku, Juni Essentials

314: Screen Printing with a Social Mission, with Sara Weihmann, New Avenues INK

313: Changing Lives through a Second Chance, with Karen Lee, Pioneer Human Services

312: How to Have Stuff without Breaking the Planet, with Sandra Goldmark

311: The Purpose-Driven Social Entrepreneur, with Karim Abouelnaga, Practice Makes Perfect

310: Denise Withers, Author of Story Design: The Creative Way to Innovate

309: Housing Affordability Through Small Homes, with Nichol Beckstrand, YardHomes Minnesota

308: Set Goals Aligned with Your Values, with Ruth Biza, #ThisIsMyEra

307: The Urgency to Go Tree Free, with Zoë Levin, Bim Bam Boo

306: Using Human-Centered Design to Prevent Maternal and Infant Deaths, with Karima Ladhani, Giving Cradle and Barakat Bundle

305: A Safe Space in Times of Crisis, with Katherine Woo, Airbnb.org

304: The Power of Voice to Make an Impact, with Regina Larko, #impact Podcast

303: A Muscle for Innovation, with Tom Dawkins, StartSomeGood