SDG16 – Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

These social entrepreneurs are achieving Sustainable Development Goal 16, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions: Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies

The Many Faces of Service, with Kate Glantz, Luma Legacy

Kate Glantz, Luma Legacy Being of service does not have to look a certain way. Find the way that works for you. Kate Glantz has always been driven to serve. “I wonder if [my sense of service] comes from my culture,” Kate ponders. “I’m Jewish, and there is a deep tradition of service, Tzedakah. I’m not religious, but it was always there. I don’t know if that’s what’s influenced my drive towards service. “I have always been on this mission, and it’s allowed me to say yes to jobs and opportunities that are so seemingly random on paper. But when you’re pretty clear-headed about what you’re trying to do in…

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A Traveler’s Guide To World Peace, with Aziz Abu Sarah, MEJDI Tours

Aziz Abu Sarah, MEJDI Tours MEJDI Tours sees tourism as an opportunity to transform lives through dual narratives and by strengthening local communities. Aziz Abu Sarah is a peace-builder, social entrepreneur, cultural educator, and author of Crossing Boundaries: A Traveler’s Guide To World Peace. But Aziz wasn’t always a peacemaker. “Growing up in Jerusalem as a Palestinian, I was no stranger to injustice,” Aziz explains. “The event that shaped me the most, however, happened when I was nine. Just after dawn, Israeli soldiers stormed into our home. I remember the shouts, the terror, the interrogations. And then they took my 18-year-old brother, Tayseer, away. He was arrested for allegedly throwing…

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Journalism as a Force for Good, with Tina Rosenberg, Solutions Journalism Network

The Solutions Journalism Network is supporting rigorous reporting on social problems, with an eye on what works. May 3 is World Press Freedom Day. Around the world, journalism is experiencing a watershed moment. According to a Knight-Gallup survey, 84% of Americans believe that the news media is key to a healthy democracy. Less than half, 44% can name an objective news source. Mobile, social media, and the ease of online publishing have disaggregated the news into billions of channels. 58% of those surveyed say that more sources can make it harder to stay informed. 73 say that the spread of inaccurate information on the internet is a major problem. Local…

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Create a Better World through…Paperwork? Rachel Armstrong, Farm Commons

Farm Commons empowers farmers to rewrite farm law by and for themselves. Rachel Armstrong knew exactly what she wanted to do when she grew up. She wanted to be a farmer, just like her father and her grandfather. “Respecting where food comes from was part and parcel to my childhood, Rachel explains. But she received some important advice. “I changed my mind a little bit when my mother said, ‘That’s a terrible idea.’” Rachel knew the realities of agriculture. “The farming life is very difficult…Rural people are disadvantaged in so many ways.” So, she did as so many farm kids did. She went away to college. But a funny thing…

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