Bonus Material: Crazy Good Advice

Crazy Good Advice

Step One: Grab Your Book Here

Here’s how you get your free digital copy of Crazy Good Advice: 1o Lessons Learned from 150 Leading Social Entrepreneur: 

Go here:

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The book is available as both a PDF and an ePub. 

Step Two: Grab Your Bonuses

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  1. Mastermind Group
  2. Self-Assessment
  3. 25-Minute Strategy Call 

($564 Value)

The Crazy Good Advice private Mastermind group lets you connect with people who are crazy enough to take the big leap. It contains ten units of training material that go beyond the book.

($40 Value)

What would life look like if you were thriving? What would you measure? How would I measure it? Take the Thrive. Connect. Contribute. self-assessment to plot your course.

($500 Value)

This is huge. You get 25-minutes of my time to think through your idea for a business that does social good. I am currently charging clients $500 for a 30-minute session. I’m going to give this away to you, for free, just for getting my book, for free.