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Social Entrepreneur exists at the intersection of profit and purpose. We tell positive stories from underrepresented voices, focused on solutions.

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This is the “getting to know you” episode of the podcast Social Entrepreneur. In this initial episode, I tell the story of how a woman in Kenya, who simply wanted to get the best price for her chickens led to the founding of this podcast. I’ll describe what a social entrepreneur is and what they do. I’ll also go over the form, frequency and the topics of the podcast.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The story of “Mrs. Ruto buys a phone”
  • The story of “Tony’s River of Life takes a turn” 
  • The challenge of doing good while maximizing return to shareholders 
  • My Jerry Maguire moment 
  • What is a social entrepreneur? 
  • The format, frequency and topics of this podcast 
  • Two calls to action 



Show Notes for this episode: 

The New York Times article that started my journey:

Infographic: What is a Social Entrepreneur?

Work on Purpose:

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