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035, Laura Roeder, | Authentic Kindness as a Business Differentiator

If I told you about a startup that reached $1 million in recurring annual revenue, in 11 months, would you be interested in learn more? What if I told you that the founder had bootstrapped her way to success, would be even more interested? I know I was.

Laura started as a freelance web and print designer, which led to gigs in social media marketing consulting, followed by social media marketing training. She is well known for launching B-School with Marie Forleo.  

Today, Laura is the Founder of, a social media scheduling and automation software. Edgar allows you to upload your social media updates, categorize the updates, and then schedule them. Even better, it keeps great social media updates from going to waste. They allow you to reuse good social media updates over time.

It was also interesting to hear how she thought about blogging, search engine optimization and social media and how they go together.

Key quotes from the interview:

“What’s great about online training is it is very scalable and it is easy to get into.”

“We have three core values at our company and the first is Choose Kindness.”

Choose Kindness. When interacting with customers, we always give the benefit of doubt and choose the most optimistic approach and choose the most optimistic approach to their situation. This is especially important when someone is tempting us not to be kind. We find that life is better when we choose the high road. Choose kindness when interacting with other businesses in our space. We don’t badmouth our competition. We recognize that there is a huge difference between communicating Edgar’s value in relation to our competitors, and trash talking. We choose kindness when working with each other. We leave our egos out of it. We’re all working towards the same end goal.”

“Getting the right mix is important for doing social media really, really well.”

“We have come across a lot of people who say ‘I’ve been waiting for someone to build this tool!’”

“Blogging, social media and SEO, I’d put them in the same bucket because all of those things help and interact with each other.”

“Pound for pound, search is where we get the most new leads and customers.”

“If you’ve ever signed on to Twitter, you know how it works. It’s like there is a parade going by. You stop and watch the parade for a minute. You see that section that went by while you were there and then you walk away.”

“If you don’t send your tweet during the five minutes they were logged on, then they don’t see it. That’s why about 10% of the people who follow you ever see your post.”

“People get nervous about reposting their content, but you have to remember that YOU see everything you post.”

“If someone sees the message again, maybe they wanted to read it the first time, and they didn’t. Maybe they read it and loved it, and now they’re going to share it. Maybe they were not interested and they’re still not interested and that’s fine.”

“You have to remember that social media is all opt-in.”

“But just thinking about it week after week is not going to give you any new information. You’re not going to wake up tomorrow and know what will happen. We can never know how anything will turn out.”

“All you can do is, start putting things into action, and then see. That’s how you really make progress in your business.”  


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