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038, Elise Maxwell, Ova Woman | A Talk With Your Lady Friend About Women’s Intimate Health

If you hang around the startup community long enough, you’re going to run into some founders that make you think “I don’t know what business they’re starting, but I want to back their play.” Elise Maxwell is one of those people. She is authentic, transparent and relentlessly helpful. She’s just someone you want to cheer for.

Elise spends her days talking about women’s intimate health. What is women’s intimate health? Elise Maxwell told me, “It’s all the things that you might not be comfortable talking about. That’s a good indicator. Is this intimate health? Are you really talking about this right now? No? Then it’s probably intimate health.”

Who do you trust to talk to about your intimate health questions and concerns? If you had a question about menstruation, breastfeeding, menopause, douching, or other intimate health questions, where would you go? You may go to your mother or other close female relative. You might go to your doctor. Or, you might have a best friend in whom you could confide. But not all women have that kind of relationship.

Ova Woman is an online community. They create a safe space for talking about women’s intimate health. They also curate innovative products for women’s intimate health. Their goal is to be the lady friend to whom women can turn as they navigate periods, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause. They also produce content such as a blog, podcast and vlog that tackles the taboos around women’s intimate health.

While what the Ova Woman community talks about are important topics, they deliver their perspective with a dose of good humor. Their podcast is called The Speculum and they call their newsletter a periodical. See what they did there?


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