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061, Raj Sisodia, Conscious Capitalism, Inc. | Shakti Leadership, Embracing Feminine Energy

Raj Sisodia is one of the thought leaders of the Conscious Capitalism movement. His books Firms of Endearment and Conscious Capitalism were major influences on my thinking about social entrepreneurship. They are part of the reason that I produce Social Entrepreneur today.

In this interview, Raj describes the research he conducted and how he began to understand that there was a better way of doing business – a more conscious form of capitalism. He also talks about his new book Shakti Leadership: Embracing Feminine and Masculine Power in Business.

Social Entrepreneurship Quotes from Raj Sisodia:

“Joseph Campbell talked about, you need to find your bliss, and you can also follow your heartbreak.”

“It felt like we were spending more and getting less [from marketing].”

“If you look at the overall impact of about a trillion dollars of spending on marketing, on the lives of customers, and the performance of companies as well as generally on society, I found that there was not a strong positive impact. In fact there were in many ways negative impacts.”

“The paradox of profit is, if you pursue profit resolutely with a single-minded focus, you will do things that will harm your ability to generate surplus in the long term.”

“Profits cannot be pursued. Profits ensue. They are the outcome.”

“This views business as an interconnected, interdependent living system.”

“A conscious business calls for a different kind of leader with different motivations.”

“The way we lead impact the way people live.”

“These companies tend to reflect a lot more of the so-called feminine energy.”

“There’s a lot more talk about caring and compassion and nurturing and relationships.”

“Many of these companies talk openly about building a business on love.”

“After the 19th Century we ended slavery, in the 20th we ended totalitarianism. I think in this century we end the oppression and suppression of women and the feminine.”

“Articulate what you stand for and make it explicit.”

“Keep in mind that we are also citizens.”

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