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072, Sasha Dichter, Acumen | Impact Measurement with Efficiency, Speed and Rigor

Impact measurement is critical to success as a social entrepreneur. We become social entrepreneurs because we want to make an impact, but how do we measure our impact without detracting from our resources that are making an impact? Investors, business owners and customers can view our impact with different lenses, and therefore have completely different impact measurement needs. Impact measurement can be complex and resource-intensive, but does it have to be? Is there a better way?

Sasha Dichter of Acumen has a better idea – lean data. Lean data uses short, simple surveys, delivered via mobile phone to assess whether or not people’s lives are better as a result of our products and services. While the idea of mobile phone surveys is not new, the availability of mobile phones around the world now makes this possible in the poorest regions.

Impact Measurement Quotes from Sasha Dichter:

“You ask any entrepreneur what the need most after the money, and it’s a great team.”

“The ‘here’ where I am now did not really exist when I started my professional life.”

“I was on the privileged side of the window, if you will.”

“I was always aware that the world is not a particularly fair place, and I’d always hoped I could do something about it.”

“In three or four years, every person on the planet will have a cell phone.”

“We are using the phones in people’s pockets as a way to reach them.”

“We are working with people who are devoting their lives to solving some of the world’s toughest problems.”

“What we’re trying to understand is if we are making people’s lives better.”

“We want to be fast, we want to be efficient and we want to be rigorous.”

“At Acumen, in the first three months of this year, we did a lean data sprint. We had a seven-minute survey, with twelve questions. We surveyed 6,800 customers at 18 companies across six geographies. And each one of these engagements took a couple of weeks.”

“Our shift is not only to do more of this, but to make it as easy as possible for others to do it.”

“We hope to create a community of practice of lean data users.”

“You have to get your hands dirty.”

“The work of social change is really hard and takes a long time.”

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