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124, Sam Pressler, Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP) | Empowering Veterans through Comedy and the Arts

On this Veteran’s Day, we celebrate with Sam Pressler of the Armed Services Arts Partnership or ASAP.

What words would you use to describe veterans? Hero? Brave? Or maybe broken or dangerous? How about neighbor, coworker, or community member? Veterans are people like you and me who exist far beyond the hyperbole, and yet they are often misunderstood. Since September 11, 2001, about 1% of the US population has served in the military. Because so few have served, there can be a civilian-military divide, punctuated by common misunderstandings.

The Armed Services Arts Partnership or ASAP helps veterans and their families to thrive through arts classes and performances. Their flagship program is a comedy boot camp where veterans learn about comedy, write their own jokes and then perform in front of a live audience. ASAP’s training helps veterans to develop life skills while breaking down the civilian-military divide.

Social Entrepreneurship Quotes from Sam Pressler

“Only 10% of veterans are female, but 35% of our classes are made up of women.”

“There is a difference between art therapy and art as therapy.”

“Humor was the avenue that I used to get through difficult times.”

“When we don’t have a way to connect to one another, we often turn to humor.”

“I didn’t know what social entrepreneurship was.”

“I’ve really never had any job, except for this.”

“The line between emotional tragedy and emotional jubilation is very thin.”

“Really ensure that you are taking care of yourself.”

“Get to know veterans beyond the stereotype of the hero or the broken.”

“This is a movement to ensure veterans have opportunities to express themselves, have a voice and heal through the arts.”

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