308: Set Goals Aligned with Your Values, with Ruth Biza, #ThisIsMyEra

For every planner and course sold, #ThisIsMyEra helps a child with an education.

#ThisIsMyEra produces a 90-day planner that helps you set goals that align with your values. They also provide online courses to help you get clear on your life’s purpose.

For every planner that is purchased, #ThisIsMyEra donates school supplies to kids in need in Africa. So far, they’ve provided more than 10,000 school supplies.

And for every course that is purchased, they provide a school scholarship.

Why Education?

“In Ghana and most African countries, public education is not free,” Ruth Biza explains. “So if your family cannot afford to pay for your tuition, you stayed at home.”

Ruth recalls a particularly humiliating experience.

“It was in the middle of a session, and the financial aid lady comes in class, and they call out every single person that owes the school money. When they call you out, you stand in front of the class. So this is an embarrassing moment because every person on that list means you can’t afford your education. You owe money. They parade in you in front of the class.”

On that particular day, The person from financial aid called out Ruth’s name, and she had to stand in front of the class.

“I thought we were a middle-class family, and we could afford the tuition. When I got sent home that day, I spoke with my parents. I learned that we actually could afford my education. Being the selfless person she is, my mom was using half of my tuition to pay for the schooling of other kids who were not so fortunate – kids who had lost parents or kids who lived with grandparents who could not afford it.

“That was the first experience for me, where I noticed how people view you and how education can just affect you.”

Late, Ruth had a second experience that shaped her.

“I was around nine or ten. My mom and I were returning home from the market. We had stopped at a red light. Often, in Ghana, at a red light, people approach the cars selling anything, just anything they can find to make money and make ends meet.

“We were approached by this girl that looked so out of place to me. And I realize she is my she’s probably the same age as me. Why is she here approaching the car asking for money when she should be at home playing or in school? She seems so out of place, and it did not sit well with me.

My mom being the chatty lady, decided to strike up a conversation. We learned that her mom was sitting across the street. Her mom was blind, and she was taking care of a newborn baby. So it was up to this nine-year-old girl to find the resources to feed her family. “

These two incidents sent Ruth Biza on a quest to provide education for those who cannot afford it.

Today, Ruth runs #ThisIsMyEra.

About Ruth Biza

Ruth was born in Ghana, went to middle school in Zimbabwe, completed high school in Switzerland, and moved to the U.S. to study at Lynn University. Ruth is the Co-Founder of #ThisIsMyEra, a personal development brand that donates school supplies for every planner purchased to kids in need in Africa. They have sold over 10K planners and counting. Together with her husband Kuda, they founded the Amani Hope Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization whose mission is to empower underprivileged children by providing scholarships. Ruth is also a Fitness Trainer and Consultant to social impact brands. She is driven by her desire to leave a positive impact on the world and inspire others to fulfill their potential.

Learn More About Ruth Biza and #ThisIsMyEra:

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·        Kuda Biza’s speech at the 2014 Millennium Campus Conference: https://youtu.be/fac_roNrfyI

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