Antiracist Voter

The murder of George Floyd created a moment of reflection and rededication to racial equality. But moments are ephemeral. Americans have a notoriously short attention span.

How do we maintain momentum so that the moment becomes a movement? How do we translate the demands of protests into the domain of policy?

Antiracist ideas are activated in antiracist policy, especially in local elections. Yet, only 30% of eligible voters vote in local elections. In many local elections, voter turnout can be in the single digits. We're highlighting the people and policies that are important in the 2020 election, especially in Minnesota.

We focus on criminal justice, economic justice, environmental justice, education, housing, health, voting rights, and more. We talk about problems, but we don’t stop there. We talk about solutions. Who is getting it right?

Hosted ByTony Loyd

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