036, Teju Ravilochan Unreasonable Institute | Providing Entrepreneurs What They Need to Scale Impact

In many ways Teju Ravilochan’s story is the story of many immigrant families. His parents were born in India, but he was born in the United States. His parents learned how to adapt to their new culture through their own experience but also through the experiences of their children. Teju also learned about the world through the eyes of his parents. It was on a trip to India as a young man when Teju saw someone around his age who was begging for money. He was confronted with the sad reality of the “birth lottery,” the fact that the circumstances in which a person is born can influence the economic…

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019, Carrie Rich, Global Good Fund | The Surprising Power of Strangers to Do Good

Every now and then, life surprises you. People, even complete strangers, have the capacity for kindness and goodness. They can sometimes surprise you in unexpected and wonderful ways. Carrie Rich had one of those experiences, and, in a smaller way, I had one of those experiences when Carrie told me her story. Of all of the interviews that I have done, this one caught me off guard more than any other. In fact, you will hear at one point in the interview, I told Carrie, “You could push me over with a feather.” In this episode of Social Entrepreneur, Carrie tells the story of the Global Good Fund and how…

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