What I Learned from a 60-Day Sabbatical

Earlier this year, a dear friend passed away from breast cancer. Lynn and I were knocked back on our heels. We have had a desperately busy year. So far in 2017, I have interviewed 82 guests. We ran a successful crowdfunding campaign. We wrote a book, Crazy Good Advice. And the year isn’t even over yet! We decided to follow the very advice that we gave in the book and put on our own oxygen masks. As the saying goes, “You can’t pour from an empty vessel.” So, we made the decision to take an extraordinary journey, a 60-day sabbatical. It has been the trip of a lifetime: Portugal, Spain,…

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Balancing Entrepreneurship with Family and Self-Care, with Dorcas Cheng-Tozun, Inc. Contributor and Author of “Start, Love, Repeat”

Dorcas Cheng-Tozun is a columnist for focusing on startup life at the intersection of marriage, family, and personal well-being. She is also the author of Start, Love, Repeat: How to Stay in Love with Your Entrepreneur in a Crazy Startup World. “We’re not fully acknowledging the reality of what it means to pursue a business,” Dorcas Cheng-Tozun begins. “There is so much excitement and goodness in it, and yet there is this other side to it that involves sacrifice and some measure of pain.” d.light is a global solar energy company, delivering affordable solar solutions. When Dorcas’ husband Ned co-founded d.light in 2005, Dorcas was immediately pulled into the…

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For October 2017, I’m going to be quiet. Very still and quiet. I’m putting on my own oxygen mask before assisting others. I’m practicing self-care. Don’t look for me on social media. Don’t expect a reply to your email. I’m only taking calls from family and friends. I love and appreciate you. I enjoy sharing my journey online and learning about your journey, too. You have responded and commented on the content I share. You have cheered me on and sent well-wishes. I feel your love and support. The podcast and radio program will continue. I have prerecorded some amazing episodes that will appear every Monday. I have automated the…

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