063, Gretchen Steidle, Global Grassroots | Conscious Social Change

Gretchen Steidle and Global Grassroots looks for change agents in the most marginalized communities in post-conflict East Africa. Their mission is to catalyze women and girls as leaders of conscious social change. They provide mind-body trauma healing, a conscious social change curriculum, mentors and seed capital. In Conscious Social Change, Global Grassroots emphasizes five key areas: Cultivating presence. Becoming whole Ensuring balance Staying attuned Leading from within Social Entrepreneurship Quotes from Gretchen Steidle of Global Grassroots: [spp-tweet tweet=”I was intrigued by what it takes to scale and replicate the best ideas. @ConsciousChange of @ggrassroots”] “I recognized that this is where change was happening. It was happening from the grassroots level up.” “I…

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