West Africa

148, Kwami Williams, MoringaConnect | Unlocking the Value of Moringa to End Poverty

MoringaConnect connects smallholder farmers and consumers with the value of Moringa. This month on Social Entrepreneur, we’re focusing on Sustainable Development Goal 1, No Poverty. Around the world, there are people and programs working to help the poor to permanently overcome persistent poverty. Some programs work better than others. One factor that helps determine the success of poverty elimination programs is a systems approach, with consistent application over time. In order to do that, there needs to be a steady source of funding. According to the World Bank, in Sub-Saharan Africa there are 389 million people living on less than two dollars per day. Most of these are rural poor,…

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137, Misan Rewane, WAVE | Skills over Schools

Misan Rewane focuses on employability skills over school degrees. She thinks schools, employers and the government should do the same. Misan is one of those bright stars you want to hang out with for an afternoon tea. However, I suspect that, instead of tea, she would put you immediately to work. Her passion for solving the youth unemployment gap comes through in every conversation. She said of the founding team, “We are young West Africans who, by accident of birth and circumstances and opportunity were able to get access to some of the best education in the world.” She knows that for most of her peers, that is not the…

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