Ask Tony

Ask me anything.

  • What’s the #1 area where you need support right now? Ask me anything!
  • What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to launching and growing a business that does social good? You can ask that too!
  • Are you a student looking for career advice? 
  • Or a business owner who wants to have a greater impact? 
  • Need help with your product offering, marketing approach, or leadership? You can ask about that. 
  • Do you lead a nonprofit? Want to know how to launch a social business to generate funds for your cause?

Seriously, you can ask me anything.

A few basic guidelines

State your first and last name and where you’re calling from.

Feel free to mention your website once during the recording. Don’t get spammy/sale-sy. (And no need to mention “www,” just give the URL after that. For example, “CultureShift dot com.”)

Keep your question to the point and under three minutes in length. If it goes a little over, that’s fine, but keep it short and sweet.

Please only ask ONE question per voicemail (but feel free to leave multiple voicemails if you’d like).

Please note that by submitting a voicemail question, you’re allowing me to share it publicly on the podcast.

Here’s a good template to use…

“Hey there…this is Jane Smith from Nashville, Tennessee and I run a site called where we teach entrepreneurs how to use social media. Here’s my question…”

When you’re ready, leave a voicemail. Your question might make it onto the Social Entrepreneur show.

If you’d rather send your question in writing, go here.