SDG12 – Responsible Consumption and Production

These social entrepreneurs are achieving Sustainable Development Goal 12, Responsible Consumption and Production: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Style with a Purpose, with Hamilton Perkins, Hamilton Perkins Collection

Hamilton Perkins Collection is a certified B Corporation offering designer travel bags at an affordable price. Each bag is made from recycled plastic bottles and lined with vinyl from upcycled billboards. Hamilton Perkins found his niche early with retail sales. During university, he had a sneaker business on eBay. He made and sold leather bags. After college he entered financial services, rising through the ranks at Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. Yet, he had an entrepreneurial itch. So, he enrolled in an MBA program at William & Mary while working full-time. Not only was Hamilton working full time while pursuing his MBA, but he also had a side-hustle business…

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Product Packaging with a Purpose, with Lindsey McCoy, Plaine Products

Plaine Products helps reduce single-use plastics by producing natural, vegan shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in returnable, reusable containers. In 2013, Lindsey McCoy was living in the Bahamas and running a non-profit called Save the Bays. “I had zero interest in going into business,” she told me. “I was going to save the world.” As she explored the islands, she noticed the impact of single use plastics. “Without regular trash pick up, you see those water bottles, flip flops and plastic bags in the water and along the side of the road,” she explains. “To me, single-use plastics is one of those things that once you start to notice it,…

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From Used Goods to the Greater Good, with Julie Kearns, Junket: Tossed & Found

Junket: Tossed & Found creates easy access to high-quality used goods. Julie Kearns was the mother of a 3-month-old when her husband left. Julie describes the impact, “Between pregnancy weight, not eating, divorce diet, all of that stuff, I lost about 50 pounds in six months.” As the weight fell off, she needed clothing that she could wear to her corporate job. Her little girl was growing and needed new clothes. Not only had she lost weight, but she had also lost half of her household income. Julie created multiple streams of income. She rented out a room in her home on Airbnb. She picked up her real estate license….

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A Pioneer Social Business, Sharon Rowe, Eco-Bags Products

The company Eco-Bags Products produces ECOBAGS®, the original reusable bag. Eco-Bags Products is a woman-owned business. They pioneered many of the practices we associate today with social enterprises and, in the process, transformed how consumers think about plastic bags. As an actress in New York City in the 1980’s, Sharon Rowe did not find it hard to land work. But she did find it difficult to both make a living and make a difference. There was plenty of work that did not pay well enough to make a living. And there was work that paid well, doing commercials for products that she did not support. To make ends meet, Sharon…

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Social Impact Without Being a Startup Founder, with Amanda LaGrange, TechDump

TechDump provides job training and practical experience for adults facing barriers to employment. Social impact does not necessarily require you to be the founder of a social enterprise. Amanda LaGrange is living proof of that idea. Amanda spent more than seven years at General Mills, including time as a Senior Financial Analyst. Today, Amanda is the CEO of TechDump. TechDump refurbishes and recycles electronics, and in the process they create jobs for adults facing barriers to employment, especially those who have spent time in the justice system. TechDump accepts anything with a cable, cord or battery that is not a home appliance. Amanda brings her background in corporate finance to…

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