In the Business of Change features stories of changemakers who use the power of business to address society’s most pressing problems.

Elisa Birnbaum, author of In the Business of Change

Elisa Birnbaum, author of In the Business of Change

Elisa Birnbaum is the publisher and editor-in-chief of SEE Change Magazine, a digital publication of social entrepreneurship and social change. You may recall her interview from June 2017. Elisa has a new book out, In the Business of Change: How Social Entrepreneurs are Disrupting Business as Usual.

The book highlights how social entrepreneurs are using business savvy to create change in their communities. Elisa tells stories from a wide-range of sectors, including employment, food, art, education, and social justice. Each chapter focuses on lessons learned and measurable impact. The book provides practical tips for starting and scaling a social enterprise.

Social Entrepreneur Quotes by Elisa Birnbaum:

[spp-tweet tweet=”“It’s part storytelling and part lessons for those who want to start their own social enterprise.” @ElisaBirnbaum @SEEChangemag”]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“It’s for the average person who wants inspiring storytelling.” @ElisaBirnbaum @SEEChangemag”]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“Look at all of this amazing work being done.” @ElisaBirnbaum @SEEChangemag”]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“I wanted to provide a broad spectrum of people doing things in different sectors.” @ElisaBirnbaum @SEEChangemag”]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“The book has actually been on my mind for a long time.” @ElisaBirnbaum @SEEChangemag”]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“It’s good to tell stories in different medium.” @ElisaBirnbaum @SEEChangemag”]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“You want to get these stories out there in as many ways as you can.” @ElisaBirnbaum @SEEChangemag”]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“This was a lot more strategic.” @ElisaBirnbaum @SEEChangemag”]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“There were a couple of chapters that ended up changing.” @ElisaBirnbaum @SEEChangemag”]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“You have to be flexible.” @ElisaBirnbaum @SEEChangemag”]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“Social entrepreneurs are taking a bigger role in systems change.” @ElisaBirnbaum @SEEChangemag”]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“I didn’t start writing until I had a contract.” @ElisaBirnbaum @SEEChangemag”]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“I had a book on my mind for many years.” @ElisaBirnbaum @SEEChangemag”]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“People don’t get to see the grit, the passion, and the work that goes into it.” @ElisaBirnbaum @SEEChangemag”]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“These stories, I find so inspiring.” @ElisaBirnbaum @SEEChangemag”]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“I enjoyed the process more than I imagined I would.” @ElisaBirnbaum @SEEChangemag”]

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