#MoneyMonday in May


You are a conscious consumer. You buy local, authentic and fair-trade goods. You use your dollars to try to create the kind of world you want to live in. But what about where you bank or how you invest? Here’s the truth: If you have assets, including a savings or checking account, your assets are having an impact. The only question is, are you being conscious of the kind of impact your assets are having? You’ve probably heard about impact investing, but you have questions.

  • What exactly is impact investing? (It’s thinking about the social and environmental impact that your assets are having)
  • To make an impact, do I have to give up returns? (Not necessarily)
  • Isn’t impact investing complicated? (It’s as simple as choosing where you bank)

Every Monday in May, we’re taking on your questions with #MoneyMonday. Last Monday, May 2nd, we interviewed Amit Bouri of the Global Impact Investment Network. We’ll continue every Monday through May with other special guests such as Zuleyma Bebell of ImpactAlpha, Mike Gabriel of RSF Social Finance and Matt Patsky of Trillium Asset Management.

Tune in on Mondays in May for #MoneyMonday on the podcast, Social Entrepreneur.

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