Learning to Thrive, with Susan Hay, Thrive Health Magazine

Susan Hay hit rock bottom. Then she launched a global health and nutrition brand.

Susan Hay is the Founder and CEO of Thrive Health Magazine, a health and nutrition magazine. She also runs Thrive Media, a digital branding agency for Health, Food, and Fitness Brands.

After a 20-year career in branding and design, the lifestyle began to take its toll. “I began to find that my health was deteriorating,” Susan explains, “because of the stressful lifestyle and eating rubbish food. If I’m honest with myself, I knew I wasn’t thriving for several years. I wasn’t happy. I was stressed, and I was working no end of hours.

“That’s when I hit rock bottom. And for me, the transformation was about how food can make you feel better.”

She began to examine her life, starting with the food she was eating and the people with whom she was sharing time. She trained as a Holistic Nutritionist.

In 2014, Susan released the first issue of Thrive Health Magazine. The goal is to clear up confusion about health and nutrition by publishing expert articles.

“There’s a lot of confusing information out there. It’s hard for people to focus and get on the right path. That’s why the magazine started and still thrives today.”

Despite her apparent expertise in managing brands, Susan knew nothing about magazine publishing. “It was such a passion project,” Susan confesses, “It was such a passion project, it was almost as if it was out of my hands. It just came together in the form of a magazine because of my background.”

Today, Thrive Health Magazine enjoys subscribers in 25 countries.

Because of Susan’s background in branding, a lot of other health, nutrition, and wellness brands began to reach out. “I love working with startup brands that have a good core mission. Some bigger corporate brands will start a food brand, and because they have a marketing budget, they can push it out to the masses. Where, smaller brands that have a far better product, struggle with that.”

So, Susan launched Thrive Media to work with brands in food, health, and nutrition to help them build a brand and a business online.

One offering from Thrive Media is Thrive Brand Academy. “In 2020, I am focusing on helping brands in health, food, and wellness to learn about launching an ethical brand online,” Susan says. “I’m helping brands to grow their audience.”

To start, Susan suggests that those who are interested start with her Brand Clarity Quiz.

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