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Turn Emotions into Action

What will you do with your emotions today? Can they be channeled for social good? President Obama has left the White House after eight years and the man who is taking his place could not be more different. No matter your political affiliation, this inauguration day is a day of strong emotions. Emotions are important. By paying attention to what evokes strong emotions in you, you learn┬ásomething about your values and your life’s purpose. By Noticing Your Emotions, You Understand Your Purpose For you, what creates a sense of love, empathy, injustice, disgust or moral outrage? What kind of news stories evoke your emotions? Is it poverty? Gender equality? Income…

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Pitch Me

I am often approached by early-stage entrepreneurs who want something from me, whether they are looking for quick advice, mentoring or an investment. I noticed that I was writing similar emails again and again. Eventually I copied and pasted the emails into a Google doc. When someone would contact me, I would send them a link to the Google doc. This helped clear up a lot of misperceptions. I also noticed that the quality of the pitches I was hearing was going up. So, I decided to turn this advice into a blog post (you’re reading it). Social Entrepreneurship Ideas If your business has a strong social or environmental impact,…

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