Wendy Lipton-Dibner, Author, Focus on Impact

Impact, or the desire to make a sustainable difference, is a megatrend that social researcher Wendy Lipton-Dibner has been tracking for years. Wendy is a best-selling author. Her latest book is Focus On Impact, The 10-Step Map to Reach Millions, Make Millions and Love Your Life Along the Way. Keep in mind, when Wendy says “impact” she uses a broader definition than one might use when talking about impact investing. Still, for more than 35 years, Wendy has been researching the question of why focusing on making a sustainable difference leads to greater business outcomes. Wendy points to “the social shift” that occurred when social media became widely used. Suddenly, one-way…

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The Impact Measurement Challenge

Calling all data geeks and entrepreneurs. Here’s a business opportunity. Although there are better definitions out there, an entrepreneur is someone who identifies a perceived pain or a desired gain in the marketplace and uses innovative approaches to resolve the pain or bring about the gain. Well, I have a pain for you. As I have been interviewing entrepreneurs for the Social Entrepreneur podcast, one pain point comes up again and again. They tell me that their greatest desire is to create social and environmental impact. However, it is difficult, time consuming and expensive to measure impact. The time and effort that they spend measuring impact reduces the resources that they…

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