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Introducing the Thrive. Connect. Contribute. Podcast

Introducing the Thrive. Connect. Contribute. Podcast Positive stories of people who thrive in life, connect with others, and contribute to the world in the face of adversity. Who do you know who is modeling resilience during difficult times? Have you heard any good stories lately? In this critical time, we’re surrounded by acts of heroism, both large and small. For example, I heard a story today about an employee at Buzzfeed who gathered the houseplants from the cubicles of her coworkers and placed them in one area. That way she can come in during the shutdown and water the plants, so that the plants will be waiting for her coworkers…

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My Year of Personal Bests

My Year of Personal Bests Last November, I turned 60 years old. So, my big question for 2019 is, “What does my personal best look like for this new decade of life?” Let’s take running for example. The last time I set a personal record (PR) for any running distance was several years ago. Let’s be honest. I’m just not going to beat my time in the marathon that I ran in 2003. Over the last few days, I went back through several years of daily running logs to put together a chart of my PRs. You can see my PRs below.  Personal Records (PR) 1 Mile, 6:55 Medtronic TC…

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How to Receive 360-Degree Feedback When You’re a Solo Entrepreneur

360-degree feedback is an important tool for self-development. We know the benefits. It can increase our self-awareness. And self-awareness is the root of all relationships. When we’re better at relationships, we’re better at, well, everything. 360-degree feedback can reveal our blind spots. It helps us to target our development areas, and points out our strengths so that we can leverage them. And 360-degree feedback can provide a balanced view by providing multiple perspectives. The evidence is fairly clear that 360-degree feedback is a useful tool. But, what if you’re a solo entrepreneur? How can you receive 360-degree feedback? Solo entrepreneurs don’t have a boss, peers or employees. You don’t have an HR…

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