12 Most Popular Podcast Guests of 2016

These are the most popular podcast guests of 2016, measured by the number of downloads. If you have been listening to the podcast Social Entrepreneur, you’ve had a chance to meet some amazing changemaker. If you want to find someone like you who is making a difference in the world, you should be able to see yourself among these 140+ guests. Their diversity is breathtaking. They have come from every continent, except for Antarctica. Some have achieved breakthrough results, while others are just beginning their journey. Some started young and some started in mid-life. Half were women. They are working across all 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals. Popular Podcast Guests…

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Best Seller List: Popular Social Entrepreneurship Books

What are the most popular social entrepreneurship books? Here is a list of the books most frequently purchased by my readers. Let me explain. I am sometimes asked how I generate revenue from the podcast Social Entrepreneur. After all, unlike many podcasts, I do not have sponsors. That is on purpose.  I’d rather have you listen to the guests instead of listening to advertisements. Culture Shift Companies, the parent company that produces Social Entrepreneur, is funded through bootstrapping. We have several streams of income: Products and services such as the Culture Shift Learning Academy Consulting One-on-one Coaching Membership Mastermind Group Affiliate Programs Here is how the affiliate process works. I provide a…

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