racial justice

The Intersection of Food and Social Justice, with Michelle Horovitz, Appetite for Change

Appetite for Change uses food as a tool for building health, wealth, and social change in North Minneapolis. Michelle Horovitz grew up in the well-manicured suburbs of Minneapolis. If you ask her about the beginning of her journey to social change, she points to her Jewish upbringing. She says that her family made her aware of major injustices in the world. This gave her a sense of empathy for people who had been “othered.” Throughout high school and college, Michelle waited tables. She had a keen interest in food and wanted to be a chef. As an undergrad student living in West Philadelphia, she was exposed to a world that…

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119, Alana Greer, Community Justice Project, Inc. | Lawyers for the Movement

Social justice is Alana Greer’s family business. Nearly everyone you meet in the United States has a smart phone with a camera. This year, worldwide, we’ll take around a trillion photographs. This has turned us all into photojournalists, documenting our lives for the world to see. So, what has come out of this experience? Pictures of Big Foot? No. UFOs? No. What has become painfully clear is that black, brown and poor folks have a dramatically different experience than others. It is as if there are two Americas. One for light-skinned, well to-do folks and another for the rest of us. Alana Greer grew up in Miami in Latino neighborhood…

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