#GoAndDo Challenge

#GoAndDo Challenge

Join the #GoAndDo challenge!

When Neetal Parekh of Innov8Social was on the podcast Social Entrepreneur, she issued a challenge. Tell us, how you will create a social impact. What impact do you want to have on the world? Are you digging wells in sub-Saharan Africa, or raising good kids in suburbia? Are you writing code that will change the world or writing a song that will move hearts? The social impact you want to have is up to you. We’re here to support your dream. 

Here’s how the challenge works. Describe the impact you want to have. Tell us how you want to achieve it. Post a picture on Instagram or send a tweet on Twitter. Or do both! Be sure to use the hashtag #GoAndDo. We’ll be looking for it. I’ll give a shout-out to  randomly selected posts in upcoming episodes of Social Entrepreneur. 

So, go on: #goanddo and leave us a clue. We’ll be watching. 

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