#GoAndDo Challenge

Join the #GoAndDo challenge! When Neetal Parekh of Innov8Social was on the podcast Social Entrepreneur, she issued a challenge. Tell us, how you will create a social impact. What impact do you want to have on the world? Are you digging wells in sub-Saharan Africa, or raising good kids in suburbia? Are you writing code that will change the world or writing a song that will move hearts? The social impact you want to have is up to you. We’re here to support your dream.  Here’s how the challenge works. Describe the impact you want to have. Tell us how you want to achieve it. Post a picture on Instagram or send a…

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035, Laura Roeder, | Authentic Kindness as a Business Differentiator

If I told you about a startup that reached $1 million in recurring annual revenue, in 11 months, would you be interested in learn more? What if I told you that the founder had bootstrapped her way to success, would you be even more interested? And, this founder was able to accomplish all of this while staying true to her values. I was certainly interested to hear more. Laura Roeder started as a freelance web and print designer, which led to gigs in social media marketing consulting, followed by social media marketing training. She is well known for launching B-School with Marie Forleo. Today, Laura is the Founder of, a social…

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002, Nathan Chan, Foundr Magazine | Pains and Gains

What success would you predict for this person? He was a sickly child with food allergies, asthma and eczema. His parents, whom he described as coddling, would put a blanket on him if he sat in the yard. His eczema was so bad, he scratched sores on his face. When he went to school, he was a middling student. He was not able to achieve high enough assessment scores to get into his preferred university. He eventually received his college degree despite having failed several subjects. After university he took a job in what he describes as “a really crappy company.” And then something happened. What? Find out more in…

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