Junita’s Jar donates a portion of their profits to end relationship violence.

Junita’s Jar Products

One year ago, Junita Flowers said, “Clarity comes while you are working.” And, she is always working. So, it comes as no surprise that she launched a new brand, Junita’s Jar. They offer new products, including 3 oz snack packs. She has a new overarching message, #HopeMunchesOn. And her new job title is “Hope Muncher in Chief.” Still, she remains true to her mission. She brings hope to women experiencing relationship violence.

“Junita’s Jar is focused on creating meaningful conversations that foster education and awareness around relationship violence,” Junita explains. A portion of profits from each purchase of Junita’s Jar cookies is donated to support education and awareness initiatives leading to the end of relationship violence.

Social Entrepreneur Quotes by Junita Flowers

“We believe in the power of really good food and desserts to bring people together.” @JunitaLFlowers Click To Tweet “Our overarching message is ‘Hope munches on!’” @JunitaLFlowers Click To Tweet “It was survival mode.” @JunitaLFlowers Click To Tweet “It’s the clarity and the focus of being on the other side of trauma.” @JunitaLFlowers Click To Tweet “We are a cookie company on a mission.” @JunitaLFlowers Click To Tweet “Our goal is to be purveyors of hope.” @JunitaLFlowers Click To Tweet “Everybody wants to be heard. And everybody wants to be validated.” @JunitaLFlowers Click To Tweet “That’s the movement that I want to be part of creating.” @JunitaLFlowers Click To Tweet “Even in the smallest of crumbs, goodness still exists.” @JunitaLFlowers Click To Tweet “I believe we’re all born with this purpose.” @JunitaLFlowers Click To Tweet “Usually, purpose comes from that place that we’re not the expert.” @JunitaLFlowers Click To Tweet “Say yes to the uncomfortable things, because that’s where the bulk of lessons are and that’s where your courage appears.” @JunitaLFlowers Click To Tweet “Be prepared to pivot, but never quit.” @JunitaLFlowers Click To Tweet “You have to trust your gut so that you can live with your decision.” @JunitaLFlowers Click To Tweet


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