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This is my journey. Care to join me?

There is a lot in my story that would not predict success. I was born in Arkansas in fairly simple circumstances. In high school I graduated 250th of 259. I drove a truck and worked as a janitor. I did not obtain my college degree until my mid-thirties.

There were some significant turns in my river of life. At the age of 15 I had a near drowning accident. It helped me to realize how short life is, and how important it is to make an impact while we may.

I had an amazing corporate career as an executive with Fortune 500 companies with job titles such as Global Head of Learning & Development, Director of Global Talent Management and Vice President of Organization & Team Development.

Social Entrepreneurs

In late 2013, I had a crisis of conscience and began to explore the role of business in doing good in the world. I learned about social entrepreneurs, benefit corporations and impact investing. In 2014 I left my corporate role and started a company that provides strategic planning and talent management. As I called on customers, I heard about the impact of the rapid rate of change and how every industry is undergoing disruption. The very characteristics that were advantages in the industrial era have become disadvantages in the connected economy. The asteroid has struck the earth and the dinosaurs are dying. It’s just that some of them don’t know it yet.

Eventually, I began to understand that there is no greater way to make a significant impact on the world than to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are reshaping the world, and social entrepreneurs are using the power of startups in order to take on the grand challenges of the world.

Starting companies is hard and complex. If we’re going to go through the arduous task of starting a company, shouldn’t we take on the biggest challenges we can find and have the greatest impact? That’s where social entrepreneurs come in.

Today I host the podcast, Social Entrepreneur. [spp-tweet tweet=”I help compassionate people gain the clarity, confidence and courage they need to commit to being a changemaker.”] My intention is to help aspiring and early stage social entrepreneurs to gain the clarity and confidence they need to start, grow and scale. Come with me. Let’s do this together. Reply below and let me know you’re with me.

If you want to hear a longer version of my story, you can see a video of an interview here:


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About the Author
Tony Loyd is a leadership development expert. He is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and coach. He helps purpose-driven business leaders to thrive so that they can connect and contribute at a deeper level. Find out more at

4 comments on “My Journey

  1. I’m with you!

    Thank you for sharing your story and the personal moments that shaped your life. I agree that entrepreneurs are changing the world!

  2. JC Otero says:

    I love what you are doing Tony. After exploring your site and listening to some of your podcasts, I think we have much in common. I would very much like to speak with you sometime if you are available for a chat.

    1. Tony Loyd says:

      Hello JC, my calendar is almost always up to date: You can go to the contact page to coordinate a meeting.

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