The Stories that Change Us, Jackie Biederman, Changemaker Podcast

Changemaker Podcast tells social good startup stories, inspiring life lessons, and unexpected ideas. Why do people and businesses want to learn to tell stories? According to Jackie Biederman, host of the Changemaker Podcast, “That’s how we’re wired as people. We want to tune in to stories.” Stories move us. They take us out of our logical brains and help us to connect with one another. When people hear stories of social good, they are engaged, informed and inspired. Because social entrepreneurs are everyday people like you and me, when listeners hear their stories, they see themselves as possible changemakers too. The stories inspire people to act. Listeners are more inclined…

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How to be on a Podcast

Do you listen to podcasts? Podcasting is hot. Seriously hot. One in every 5 Americans have listened to a podcast in the last month. And more are subscribing every day. It make sense, right? We live mobile lives, always on the go. There’s a mobile phone in every hand. Car manufacturers build podcast players into the dash. Just as the DVR has changed the way people consume television, podcasting has changed how people listen to audio. Think of it as a DVR for your radio – the stories you love, on demand. If you are building a brand, there is no better place to be than podcasting. It’s a great…

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