How to be on a Podcast

How to be on a Podcast

How to be on a podcast

Do you listen to podcasts? Podcasting is hot. Seriously hot. One in every 5 Americans have listened to a podcast in the last month. And more are subscribing every day. It make sense, right? We live mobile lives, always on the go. There’s a mobile phone in every hand. Car manufacturers build podcast players into the dash. Just as the DVR has changed the way people consume television, podcasting has changed how people listen to audio. Think of it as a DVR for your radio – the stories you love, on demand.

If you are building a brand, there is no better place to be than podcasting. It’s a great way for potential customers, investors and partners to get to know you. Podcasting builds credibility and authority. If it’s done right, people connect with you and your brand in an authentic way. So, as a person building a brand, it makes sense that you’d want to be on a podcast.

How to be on a Podcast

If you want to be on a podcast, you have a few choices. You can find someone who has a podcast, contact them and ask to be a guest. But, that can take some work. First, you need to find the right podcast and listen to several episodes to make sure that they will represent your brand well. Your brand is important. Showing up on the wrong podcast can be worse than not appearing on a podcast at all.

If you do find the right podcast, you can contact the host. Most podcasts make it easy to contact them. (On this web site, just click the Contact link above.) Be aware that it can take several months to get on the schedule. On the Social Entrepreneur Podcast, our guests are currently booked several months in advance. As a podcaster, this is a good problem to have. As a guest hoping to be on a podcast…not so much. If you’re like most of the successful entrepreneurs I know, patience is not at the top of your list of virtues.

Start Podcasting Now

If you’d rather take control of your brand message, you have a couple of choices. You can start your own podcast. It’s a lot of work, but with the right coaching, it’s doable. I know. I’ve done it. At Culture Shift Companies (the parent company that produces the Social Entrepreneur Podcast), we’ve just launched our creative services. We have a small, but mighty team who is experienced in everything from story development to post production to marketing.

Not ready to start ? One quick way to try podcasting is with branded stories. Think of them as interview-style storytelling, 30 – 45 seconds each. These stories, tailor made for your business, can be featured on other podcasts to promote you, your products and your social good.

If you have an appetite to start your own podcast, let’s talk. I’d love to help you tell your story.



Note: We never charge money to be a guest on the Social Entrepreneur podcast. Never. Creative services and branded stories are for those who want more control over their storytelling. It is a value-added offer and has no impact on the likelihood of being a guest on the Social Entrepreneur Podcast.
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